About Qala

Qala is one of the oldest villages on the island of Gozo.  It is situated on the most eastern part of the island. Prehistoric remains like the Menhir is standing near the village school .The cart ruts you find near the ancient Sanctuary of the of the Immaculate Conception . The Sanctuary itself dates 1000 AD.
The social life in Qala revolves mostly around the village square where a variety of restaurants and bars are open all year round. Clients come to this square from all over Gozo and Malta. Every evening the square is the relaxing meeting place for locals and tourists alike.  Weekly music jam sessions, in Zeppi’s Pub,  are a feature.
Various activities take place during the year .The Carnival parade, Easter Passion Procession and the International Folk Festival are only a few of them .
The greatest event during the year is the village festa, dedicated to St Joseph. It spreads over a period of ten days covering the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August.  Cultural and folk activities, concerts, band marches, ground and aerial fireworks displays, all follow in close succession to reach a peak on the last day of the festa.

Qala is a village that is completely surrounded by countryside. It offers a variety of short walks that provide the most beautiful views wherever one chooses to walk. The rocky bay of Hondoq ir-Rummien is one of the most popular beaches on the island.Its natural surroundings and crystal clear water.  The Belvedere on top of one of the hills of the village provides a stunning view of Mgarr Harbour , the island of Comino and the Maltese Channel.
An efficient bus service keeps the village connected with Gozo’s capital, Victoria, all day long.It starts at 5.00 in the morning and ends at 23.00. Bus stop ‘Buttigieg’ is right across the street from our home.


An easy described walk around the village to view all the highlights of the village of Qala is available in our home - Il -Qala Heritage trail.

Fort Qala

' The Battery ' was built through the munificence of Grandmaster Antonio Manoel de Vilhena (1722-36) and is one of last three still standing on Gozo and Comino .

Cart Ruts Qala

On the way to Hondoq ir-Rummien, you find a stretch known as Tas-Sidra, where you find a single pair of cart ruts stretching for more than 150 metres, 'kalati' in Maltese language . These enigmatic cart ruts originated in the Classical (Phoenician/Roman) period.

Hondoq Bay

The bay of Hondoq ir - Rummien, literally meaning 'the deep gorge filled with pomegranate trees', is one of the most beautiful swimming spots on the Gozo shoreline.

Views & Belvedere

The Belvedere is offering a fine view of terraced fields sloping down from Il -Wardija to iz-Zewwieqa . To the coastline; the Gozo-Malta channel with the islands of Comino and Cominotto, to the right L-Imgarr Harbour in full splendour and the Blue Lagoon, with all the beautiful shades of blue and green, is settled in the middle of it all.

Menhir Stone

The prehistorical ruin , known as il-Hagra L-Wieqfa, the standing stone .It is generally accepted as a genuine menhir. Temple period pottery shards and a polished green-stone axe-shaped pendant where found next to the stone. This suggests that the stone is more likely the sole surviving element of a megalithic structure of the Temple Period (4100-2500BC)

St. Joseph Church

All the people of Qala, literally, helped in the building of this Parish Church. The foundation stone was laid on 19th March 1882, feast of St. Joseph.

Annual Events

Our little village Qala , with only 2000 inhabitants has lots to offer during all the seasons. From Carnival until New Year , all kind of activities for young and old are being organized by the locals .The cosy and brisky St . Joseph square is welcoming you all!


A great colorful spectacle for young and old

Carnival is period full of fun and joy. With lots of music and dancing groups. Activities for young and old. From babies to adults ... everybody is dressing up in the craziest costumes. A large family event during the weekend before Lent.

Easter Time

The first week of February

This is a deeply religious period. The procession with the statue of Maria Addolorata on the Friday before Palm Sunday marks the start of this period. On Palm Sunday the large Passion procession takes place with the participation of hundreds of persons and several statues describing various episodes of the Passion. On Easter Sunday the joyous procession of the Risen Christ is held.

Qala Festa

1st weekend of the month of August

This is the time when the village goes crazy. Flags, street decorations, lights; the village dresses up to show itself at its best for this great event in honour of the patron saint of the village; St Joseph. Band marches, shows, popular processions, firework displays; everything follows in quick succession until the peak on the first weekend of August.

Hondoq by Night

Qala beach party in the month of August

' Hondoq by night ' is a great event for young and old with different types of music going from pop to rock to percussion .The atmosphere is always great and the paper candles on the water makes that the whole event is magic!This music evening happens end of the month of August and is an attraction for lot s of locals and foreign tourists . A bus is organized from the Qala St Joseph square to the beach as cars are not allowed during this event .Come and enjoy !

International Folkfestival Qala

3th weekend of September

3th weekend of September , the village of Qala is welcoming you all to their annual international Folk festival . 3 nights long you can enjoy a beautiful music event with a beautiful mix of foreign folkdance groups and local folkdance groups . A colorful spectacle of colours , dance and singing . The church is lighted up in beautiful colours and also the typical traditional clothes of the dancers presenting their country , are just beautiful. A must to see ! Come and enjoy this international event on Qala St joseph Square.