Hi, I am Tanja, a Belgian artist, and together with my Gozitan husband Vince and our son Cyriel we are welcoming our guests with open arms and a warm smile on our face.

From the moment you step on Malta , we will take care of you.

As being for 14 years in the B&B business, we can guaranty you a holiday without any hassle .We offer a 24/24 , 7 days a week standby  service  and our 5 cats…yes they show you the way how to relax in the sun .

My husband Vince and me are speaking English , Maltese , Dutch (even West- Flemish), French , German and Italian , so if you want  ; we can communicate easy in the language you prefer .

As my husband is half Gozitan/half Maltese , you will be experiencing the’ real’ Gozo. Having a direct contact with the local community is a must to feel , see and experience  the Gozo lay back way of living.

I am more a busy bee and like to run up and down , talk and explain about what you all can do during your holidays .When my husband brings the peace and the calmness in our home . As we have both completely other interests and views about Gozo and Malta , you will be able to experience a local point of view and a foreign point of view about the islands .The result is a perfect mix to open your eyes and have a great holiday.

Our son (also our sun …) Cyriel is giving us a helping hand during the weekends and school holidays .He shares his footballs  , his toys , his games and table tennis table with the little kids , teens or even grownups. Even often the language is different and difficult  , they always find a way to communicate with each other .

As a team  , our family and our helpers/cleaners , we look forward to spoil you in our home !

‘ life is a collection of experiences , make them memorable ….’