The Coronavirus.

The coronavirus turns our life up side down .

Carnival holidays 2020; the perfect start for another successful year of our Charming B&B.

We were looking forward to welcome & spoil our returning and new guests in our home .

However from one day to another, the corona virus took over the world.

A complete turn around; we switched from comfort to total financial crisis, all in 1 night. Fear is taking over our life.

Lots of families are losing their beloved ones, the world is in a lock-down as prevention, trying to safe lives as many as possible. We can only hope we succeed.

Meanwhile there are a few light points in this dark period.

The nature is restoring herself, the sea and the canals are becoming clear again with fish, the swans are returning, birds are whistling. The pollution is disappearing in the air .

And most of all; people changing their social behaviour. Neighbours are helping each other out, people are offering help to al those in need, strangers are becoming friends.

This is wonderful!

Once this crisis is over, we will be different people; in our mind, in our soul and in our behaviour.

As money will not be the most important thing in our life anymore!

Lets keep it that way and the world will become a better place for all of us.

This ‘ corona’ – time will give us a very important lesson for our future and the future of the next generations to come. For the moment we have to be patient, make the best of it & keep in mind;


Take care of each other & stay healthy. xx

Tanja & co