Gozo – May 2020
It is my first post this year. It has been too terrible a winter with the Corona virus spreading its dangerous tentacles throughout the whole world. All through this period Dar Ta’ Zeppi has been a desolate place, missing that most essential element that makes our Charming B&B tick; our friendly guests!

But the time has come to turn the page. As true Gozitans our optimism will be the last to die and not even the Covid-19 pandemic has succeeded in that. We have taken advantage of this time in isolation to refresh our already beautiful place, to make it more and more welcome for you and now, to use a familiar English expression; ‘we are rearing to go!’ – ready to welcome you again, to pamper you again, to have one hell of a good time together again.
We know what you have been through; we have seen enough depressing news and pictures and documentaries and statistics; it has been a war….. and you were on the frontline of it all.

Now it is the time to have your more than deserved break. The moment you can travel we will be there for you, to welcome and pamper you, in complete safety and security but with our usual care and attention.
A holiday with us in Gozo will not be complete without the bright sun in the sky. We must say that also the sun is doing its part; it has already come to stay for our nice long hot summer season! The warm days are here and we go around in our summer clothes. Amazing sunrises, warm bright days, glorious sunsets; all these have made part of our daily routines since weeks ago. We are only waiting for you so that we can share the enjoyment with you! And we cannot to forget to mention our beautiful natural beaches. We are already in full swimming season; the sea temperature is on the rise and the time to hit the beach is here.

Charming B&B Dar Ta’ Zeppi is ready for the 2020 season; are you ready?

See you soon!
Take care & stay healthy, so you can travel in the near future to GOZO.