Gozo in August

We are in the peak of summer. Santa Maria (Malta and Gozo’s greatest feast which is held annually on the 15th August) is just over. That spells the start of the second part of summer, where the season begins winding down. However, until that day arrives we still have a long, long way to go! We still have more festas to celebrate and the hot summer is not going to give in so easily. So look forward to more beach during the hot days and nice cool beers on the square after sunset, right into the dead of night.
At Dar Ta’ Zeppi the terrace and pool provide the perfect oasis where one can laze about in the shade of the faithful umbrella, with a book in hand and the occasional dip to cool off the rising temperature. The daily routine is gone completely haywire. Rest and relax during the day and come to life after sunset. The island of Gozo is just one whole enjoyment spot but if you just don’t feel like driving around to go to some nice spot there is the village square just 50 metres down from our Charming B&B with plenty of bars, restaurants, live music and especially great company. Just do it the Qala way; take a chair outside, drink in hand and just enjoy the company into the late or early hours; depending on your point of view!
Beaches anywhere on the island are never more than 20 minutes away by car; there again if want to enjoy a place close by we have our own beach, just 2km away, complete with fully equipped food kiosk, water sports and a sea that is as clear as can be.
In Europe people are already thinking about the end of summer and going back to work. With us it is not the case; our summer goes on and on. There is always time to come for a quick break or even a complete stay. Just think about it; tranquillity, peace, quiet, complete relaxation, warm weather, sun……
Dar Ta’ Zeppi is there, ready as always to welcome you, pamper you and make have one of the best time of your life; we cannot say definitely ‘the best’ because, as the old Maltese crooner used to say…. “The best is yet to come!”