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The Kingdom of the Sun is in full flourish. The faithful worshippers flock to the beaches to pay homage to our Goddess of Fire but at the same time to cool off in Neptune’s soothing waters. The cold weather is something of prehistory as all the locals decide to copy our cats and just laze about in the shade. Of course, while the cats just laze about, we mortals do the same but with a nice cold beer in our hands!
At Dar Ta’ Zeppi the sunny terrace plays its part as a Temple to Sun while our pool performs its act as Neptune’s Sanctuary offering its cool waters to provide the necessary relaxation to our guests. What better way to spend your days as a Royal Maltese Cat; a delicious and filling breakfast to start the day, then dragging yourself those few metres to the pool where to spend the hours just lounging between sunbed and pool, sipping some cool drink and trying your very best at doing nothing! Our cats are always on hand to provide private tuition in the subject!
However, even though this may sound idyllic enough, we are now fully engaged with the Festa Season. Our Village Festa, in honour of the Great St Joseph (that is how we refer to our Patron Saint in Qala) is just round the corner. Preparations are in full swing; the village is putting on its colourful costume of street decorations, rooftop masts go up and flags unfurl in the breeze.
No Festa is complete without the typical sounds that accompany it. The first sign of the approaching event is the ringing of the church bells. The festive pealing on the square is enough to fill one with joy and excitement besides making it a bit complicated to carry on a conversation; but that’s not a problem; we just raise our voices as well to add to the din. Then come the petards and barrages to be followed by our famous colourful rockets that fill our night skies with bright colours. Our village is also famous for one of the largest displays of Ground Fireworks that one can admire on the Maltese Islands. Band marches, merry making, crowds of happy people and celebrations that carry on into the deep of the night.
A lot to look forward to in July. One just has to be here to experience and enjoy it. We will do our best to help!