Taking a Green Lead

Gozo’s a very small island. There is no doubt that during the cooler months it is very easy to tour the island on foot or two wheels without resorting to motorized transport that can be high on emissions. If those options are not for you, there is public transport and you can also consider Segways, e-bikes and electric cars to tour this eco-destination.

Meaningful Sustainable Eco Experiences

Part of Gozo’s charm lies in the fact that it is easy to seek and engage in meaningful activities as part of a sustainable holiday. Visit an eco-estate during the olive picking season, ask for the typical fish soup ‘aljotta’ at a restaurant or try out the dishes like ‘lampuki’ and rabbit stew. As you tour the island, make sure you drop by one of the traditional local bakers. The island’s drive for an eco objective means that delicacies such as the carob syrup, extracted from the carob tree are widely available. Similarly, Gozo has its own DOK wine and a visit to a typical Gozitan winery will be a reward for your taste buds.  Beyond the food tradition, an eco holiday in Gozo should also highlight local artists and craftsmen. Check out the villages that over the years, too, have been the recipient of heritage awards. Beyond the cultural and culinary heritage, Gozo as an eco-destination is the place to engage in a variety of green adventures like hiking, cycling and abseiling.

It’s about Nature and the Sea

Gozo’s a mix of marine sites, coastal areas and countryside. During the warmer months, Gozo’s blue flag beaches are a major attraction but the same bays and coves are truly magical in the cooler months. Try out paddle boarding as a zero-carbon activity. On the other hand, the diving industry in Gozo is propelling more awareness about the richness of what lies beneath the surface. Even the managed scuttling of vessels to create artificial reefs and new diving attractions can be considered a recycling and an eco-effort. Beyond the sea, Gozo’s suggestive countryside includes several Natura 2000 sites. Areas like Għajn Barrani, the cliff areas and the valley of Xlendi, the San Dimitri area, the Sanap Cliffs and Ramla are points that should be on the list of those who are after eco-travel and the natural charm of the island of Gozo.

Gozo has hinged its long-term vision on the eco and the sustainable promise. A greener way of life, hand in hand with the protection of the cultural and historic, are an intrinsic part of eco Gozo as a green destination. This means that even if you’re not after an eco-holiday, your holiday in Gozo is still contributing to more sustainability and a greener island. This is visibly felt, especially if you seek out the authentic experiences that over the years have become the hallmark of a Gozitan holiday.