How do you start a B&B ?

For many people starting a B&B is a dream , a romantic dream ….
Unfortunately , for many of them it ends up in a financial night-mare and /or they are finding the work to hard comparing with the earning….

Be prepared when you start a B&B !
Welcoming and spoiling guests from all over the world is a great thing to do !
You give a lot of yourself to the guests and the good thing is ; they give you lot’s in return !

You are a social person , you like to chat and you like to spoil ? That ‘s already a very good start !
However ; like I said before ; be prepared so you will not get disappointed !

How can you prepare yourself ?

Simple !
From next year (2019) on-wards , we will offer our experiences of more then 15 years running a high standard B&B, to help you out with starting the business of your dreams .

When & where ?

Between 15/01 & 15/03 2019 & between 15/10 & 15/12 ; We will offer HOW TO START A B&B – COURSE.

During a 1 – 2 week(s) stay in our home/B&B , we will share our experiences and knowledge of running a B&B with you .
1th week is the basics of running a B&B.
2th week is going more into the details that makes the quality and the difference with other colleagues / B&B’s .

You are interested ? Contact us for more info and total cost .
The course will be given in English and/or in Dutch .


See you in 2019!!