Local Discovery on Gozo  ; so much to see , so much to feel , so much to experience.

Come and enjoy the ‘Green Country walks’ and learn, experience, see, feel and taste natural Gozo. Gozo is also called the garden of Malta or the green lung of Malta! The walks have been designed to give you the opportunity to enjoy the hidden treasures of our unique Mediterranean island by experiencing its magical beauty and history with open senses in an environment-friendly way, you will learn about the local plants, herbs and even weeds.
Combine Country walks with painting with natural pigments.  The natural pigments you find in the local flowers, plants and different soils @ the country side. You will learn the process of how to make the pigments and become an artist by creating your own painting with the natural elements you have found during the walk.
Connect with the local farmers, shepherds or fishermen in the early mornings; join them during their normal working day; see them making their products such as the famous local goat and sheep cheeses. Or help them collecting the oranges and lemons before producing delicious marmalade.

Let the island of Gozo open your senses…step by step… Feel, smell, taste the real Gozo!’

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