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Wealth, possessions, relationships, power, prestige, hopes, and plans are useless unless you are breathing! The breath controls the mind, the mind controls the body and it's responses. Master the breath and you can control your emotions and reactions. The foremost principle of Yoga is the breath.


Mantras and Mandelas Meditation - What is it? What can it do for you?

mandalasMeditation and Visualization

Mandalas and mantras are frequently used in occult meditation and visualization practice.

For example, “Continuous repetition of mantras is practiced as a form of meditation in many Buddhist schools.

A standard definition of the mandala is “a symbolic diagram used in the performance of sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation."

Because the mandala is a visual symbol of the macrocosm, the one who meditates on a mandala can visualize himself absorbing cosmic knowledge and power through meditation.

Mandalas are often used to assist the meditative process through visualization upon its symbolic pictorial representation.

Meditation is the process of controlling and transcending the waves of the mind and the endless thought processes. Meditation is a cleanser for the subconscious mind.

When meditating, you don't necessarily stop thinking but it’s the gaps between thoughts which become longer with time that allow you to start noticing and feeling the stillness within.

Consequently you learn to stop reacting to the unceasing flow of the mind. As your meditation practice develops you begin to connect with that is really you.



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