‘ Let your inner light be your guide’

Private and group lessons  Yoga available on request .

Yoga, Aqua yoga & Aqua fitness with ANAT

Great for rejuvenation and relaxation
Aqua yoga @ charming B&B dar ta Zeppi Gozo

Aqua yoga pic new charming B&B dar ta Zeppi

yoga pic1 charming B&B dar ta Zeppi
Aqua Yoga- Gentle water activity for balance, flexibility and inner peace.
Aqua fitness-Water aerobics with music.

Tones and strengthens the body in light buoyancy.

Ashtanga yoga-Yoga postures, meditation and breathing for harmony of Mind & Body. All levels

Yoga mats and Aqua foam noodles provided

(French & English talking)
Powerful without physical performance, KUNDALINI Yoga will help you in exercising your mind and energy.
No need to be flexible, this yoga is for all people of any physical condition .

Learn to smooth your mind, to develop your intuition, in order to recognise what is right and important to you.
Its a process of controlling and transcending mind waves. Its also a moment dedicated to you, helping to calm your thoughts .

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