Book a minimum of 2 nights 2pp/ BB  retreat  and come to relax with your beloved one…

Special Valentine offer (to be used in February/March 2018 ) ;

min. 2 nights BB/2pp @ 100 euro/2pp/BB/night  

+ special offer / massages  ; just choose what suits you /your partner best!

Package 1

Aromatherapy Full Body (80min.) & Swedish Massage Full Body (60min.)    70 EUR

Package 2

Swedish Massage Full Body (60min.) & Aromatherapy Back Pain Special (45min.)    60 EUR

Package 3

Swedish Massage Full Body (60min.) & Aromatherapy Partial incl. stretching for Pain Relief (30min.)    50 EUR

Package 4

Aromatherapy Foot (10min.) & Aromatherapy Back/Neck/Shoulders (50min.)    40 EUR


warm greetings, Tanja