Laura runs The Body Sanctuary and offers professional therapeutic and healing massage therapies with many years of multi-disciplinary experience. She tailors every treatment completely to each client & their body and wellbeing needs.

Her facial & body treatments are with “Pura~Perla” – natural, healthy & skin-nutritious products, which are all 93-98% 🍃Organic and hand-made.

As a trained Aromatherapist all treatments are done with specialised aromatherapy blends hand-crafted suit you.

Laura is additionally a highly trained Somatic Therapist & Yoga Teacher – Somatic Therapies work on the deeper mind-body connection & help to bridge the two. They look at the stories, historic imprints, emotions and hidden language within the body (the soma) and help to release and understand them. They ask – what is my body, and often my body pain/ dis-ease, trying to communicate to me? | How does this psychological or life pattern show up in my body & nervous system? | What do we need to do to bring our entire mind-body system back into a greater self-supportive harmony?


* Chi-Nei-Tsang – Is a Taoist Abdominal Organ Healing Treatment & Massage that helps to clear and remove physical toxins, emotions and holding within each organ.

* Women’s Womb Healing – is specific to women (with or without a womb or cycle). It is often an area of our bodies that a lot of imprinting is held in, which can manifest in any number of the issues and emotions that women are often affected by. This is both a deeply healing and reconnecting treatment.

* Myofascial Unwinding – works in a gentler way to release tightness and contractions within the fascia/ connective tissue of the body. This often begins to work on more of the emotional level.

* Somatic Bodywork Sessions – are deep healing sessions where we listen deeply to your body and what it is trying to say, and help to release stuck energies, emotional imprints, past trauma etc from your entire system. This work is well trauma-informed.

* Somatic Coaching Sessions – work more top-bottom, these help with confusing emotional patterns, difficult psychological patterns, painful or limiting beliefs, life transitions, life desires etc and discover the deeper subconscious layers held within the somatic field/ your body. These sessions help you find the answers held deep within you, alchemise old outdated patterns, and show you the path to successfully rewire in new upgraded ones.

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